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Holcombe Quarries

The sport climbing mecca of the mendips..
Leave your wires at home and dig out the grigri and the clipstick!

This great venue is split between two quarries either side of the road.

The wet quarry (Holcombe 1) contains a great selection of slab routes from 4+ to 6c+ ish. Across the road in the dry quarry (Holcombe 2) wall climbing is the order of the day, with a great selection from 5+ through to 7c.

There have been a lot of access problems at Holcombe, due to the popularity of the wet quarry as a swimming and late night party venue amongst the local youth - unfortunately resulting in several fatalities. Security guards have been employed off and on over the last couple of years and unfortunately are currently in place - so please leave peacefully if requested to do so.
Holcombe 1 is fenced off, whereas the Holcombe 2 has a foot path running through it to ease access!
The best approach for Holcombe 2 (the dry quarry) is to park in Stoke St.Micheal and walk in from there (see OS map).

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